June 15, 2015


UAE delegation in Chile to discuss aquaculture development


Chile has recently received a delegation from the UAE which met professionals from the Undersecretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SUBPESCA). The basis of the visit was rooted in both nation's mutual interests in each other's aquaculture sectors.


"We know there are countries that have 30 or 40 years' experience, but (Chile) has developed a work plan in 10 years, so we want to know how (the country) started and how the roadmap was developed," said Myriam Mohammed Hared, the head of the Department of Water Resources and Nature Conservation (under UAE's Ministry of Environment and Water), noting the rapid development of the Chilean aquaculture industry.


UAE's aquaculture sector, according to Hared, is relatively young, with an annual output of about 1,000 tonnes. By 2021, the country plans to reach 36,000 tonnes in yearly volume. In addition, with the establishment of a Marine Research Centre capable of producing 14 local species, UAE seeks Chilean expertise to help develop an in-house laboratory, Hared revealed.  


Meanwhile, Raul Súnico, the head of SUBPESCA, expressed interest in UAE’s aquaculture developments in the dry regions of the country.


"We have concentrated much of salmon farming in the southern austral area. In the north, we have the driest desert in the world, therefore, the aquaculture development issue in arid areas is a matter that concerns us greatly," Súnico said. The official believes that its universities could benefit from knowledge-sharing concerning UAE's aquaculture technology. 


Chile is also eager to cooperate with the UAE in issues including pest and disease control, traceability and certification, Súnico added.


Members of the UAE delegation comprised of Salah Abdullah Alresi, the director of fisheries, Rashid Mohammed Ashehi, an expert in marine science, and Sultan Mohamed Al-Taei, UAE's Consul in Chile.


During the meeting, Chilean and UAE officials communicated on the developments of their respective aquaculture industries.


According to Hared, a memorandum of understanding has been signed earlier this year as the UAE and Chile seek to strengthen collaboration in the field.

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