June 15, 2011


Aqua research indicates Diamond V's DVAQUA impacts protein and energy digestibility

Press Release


Research conducted by Dr. Wutiporn Phromkunthong on the effect of DVAQUA on the ingredient digestibility in tilapia was presented by Dr. Brian Hunter, Diamond V Asia, at the 2011 World Aquaculture Conference held June 6-10, 2011 at the Natal Conference Centre in Natal, Brazil.

The basis for the research study was to determine if adding a commercial nutritional fermentation product (DVAQUA) to feed mash, before pelleting, to juvenile sex-reversed tilapia would increase digestibility and possibly increase opportunities to formulate less expensive diets.  Dr. Hunter said, "The value to the industry is to show how DVAQUA can help increase feed digestibility, and permit lower cost formulations.  This is especially important now; since raw material prices have sky rocketed these past two years, and has affected the profitability of feed millers and farmers."


The research presented were the results from two replicate studies, conducted by Dr. Wutiporn, to determine the effect of DVAQUA on nutrient digestibility of eight plant-based raw materials commonly used by the aqua feed industry in Southeast Asia.  Results demonstrated a significant increase in protein and energy digestibility for all eight raw materials in both replicate studies, and significantly increased dry matter digestibility for most of the raw materials in both replicate studies.


Dr. Hunter noted that further research is planned with Dr. Wutiporn to determine the effects of DVAQUA on improving growth and feed efficiency in juvenile sex-reversed tilapia.

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