June 15, 2011


Fijian aquaculture bolsters nutrition of the community



Aquaculture enhances much essential nutritional requirements for the poorest segment of our community, according to the Ministry of Primary Industries deputy secretary Benina Cirikiyasawa.


Cirikiyasawa made the comment at the five-day workshop on Freshwater Prawn Aquaculture in the Pacific in Suva.


The last two sessions of the workshop were held at the Holiday Inn and organised by the Ministry of Fisheries and Forests.


The session featured representatives from Pacific island countries, research institutions, non-government and government agencies.


Cirikiyasawa said the workshop convened at a time when there was growing recognition of the contribution of aquaculture to food supply.


She said research conducted into aquaculture would be used for the improvement of aquaculture farming in the Pacific.


"It is noted that ACIAR (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research) and USP have been doing intensive collaborative research work with the Department of Fisheries in past years," she said.


"I am sure during the course of these research works, they have identified problems as well as find appropriate solutions for further improvement."

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