June 14, 2024


South Korean startup in contract with Brazil's Embrapa to deliver devices that mitigate cow methane




South Korean livestock methane gas research startup MeTech Holdings announced on June 10 that it had signed a $330,000 export contract with the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) for the first batch of its Methane Capsules.


The Methane Capsule is a device that measures methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions within a cow's stomach. Once ingested, it automatically reduces methane emissions by more than 60%. The capsule also provides real-time information on methane reduction through the Internet of Things (IoT).


This initial contract is for a proof of concept (POC) involving 1,000 Brazilian cattle. Following this POC, MeTech aims to secure contracts for approximately 300,000 Brazilian cattle (worth $90 million) by next year.


Additionally, MeTech has entered into a joint research agreement to address Brazil's livestock greenhouse gas issues.


The Brazilian government has been implementing the Carbon Neutral Brazilian Beef Certification since 2017 to tackle livestock-related environmental pollution, specifically methane gas emissions. This certification currently applies to more than 20 million cattle annually and aims to cover all export products by 2030.


Park Chan-mok, chief executive officer of MeTech, said: "Following our contract with the United States Department of Agriculture, we have also secured an agreement with the Brazilian government. It took us a year to finalise the contract with Embrapa."


- The Chosun Daily

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