June 14, 2021

Agreement reached for minimum wages of German meat industry workers


Germany's Food Industry Association (VdEW) and the Food, Beverage and Catering Union (NGG) reached an agreement during negotiations on minimum wages for meat industry workers in the country.


The negotiating parties settled on a minimum wage that will gradually increase until the end of November 2024.


The minimum wage collective agreement, which is declared generally binding, will apply to all employees in the German meat industry as follows: €10.80 (US$13.07) per hour worked, likely to be effective August 1, 2021; €11.00 (US$13.31) from January 1, 2022; €11.50 (US$13.91) from December 1, 2022; and €12.30 (US$14.88) from December 1, 2023. Compared with the current legal minimum wage, this represents a wage increase of around 30% over two and a half years for companies.


- Food Industry Association (Germany)