June 14, 2021

ADM returns to New Zealand's Fieldays agribusiness exhibition



ADM will once again take part in Fieldays, New Zealand's largest agribusiness exhibition happening on June 16-19.


Located in Mystery Creek Events Centre, Hamilton, ADM's booth (Main Pavilion PB-15,17,19) offers onsite custom blending services with a complete portfolio of feed additives and ingredients, providing dairy farmers with the flexibility and efficiencies needed to optimise animal nutrition and performance.


Dairy is a significant contribution to economic activity across New Zealand, contributing 34% of the total goods the country exported in 2020. Production of milk is expected to grow, reaching 22.2 million tonnes in 2021, which is an increase of around 1.2% compared to 2020.


Sourcing the highest quality feedstuffs from around the world, ADM's feed blend options are sustainably produced to meet animals' nutrition and dietary minerals needs. Farmers can expect a complete range of feed additives and feed solutions which will be displayed at ADM's booth, including Golden Dried Distillers Grain (GDDG), Corn Gluten Feed Pellets (CGFP), Tapioca Pellets, Value Max Calf and Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE).


With high quality feedstuffs to choose from, customers can optimise feed formulation for tailored nutrition and rely on ADM's formulation expertise to meet the needs of large and small-scale farmers.