June 14, 2021

Santa Catarina, Brazil sees 54% increase in sales of pork exports in April


Santa Catarina, Brazil's largest pork-producing state, has maintained growth in exports with a 54% increase in sales in April, according to the state's government.


In the fourth month of 2021, Santa Catarina exported more than 50,000 tonnes of pork, valued at more than US$123.7 million, the second highest value recorded since 1997.


April's performance consolidates the resumption of pork exports from Santa Catarina and the international presence in key consumer markets. 50,000 tonnes were exported, the fifth best result ever recorded by the state, 41.7% more than in the same period last year.


The turnover also exceeded expectations and was the second highest in 24 years, only behind that recorded in March of this year.


According to Epagri/Cepa analyst, Alexandre Giehl, the result is due to the growth of exports to China, Chile, Hong Kong and the Philippines.


In April, exports from Santa Catarina to the Philippines stood out, with an increase of 1,271%, being the fourth largest destination for pork produced in the state last month.


China continues as the main market, with 20,100 tonnes last month (+55.7% compared to the same period in 2020).


Chile, second in the export ranking, also increased imports by 130.6%.


- Government of Santa Catarina