June 14, 2011


Iran: Fifth producer of dairy products in Asia   



Iran has produced more than eight million tonnes of milk and dairy goods in 2010 and became the fifth key producer of dairy products in Asia, according to the "World Food Outlook" report by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the UN.


Iran's average annual production capacity for milk and dairy products has been estimated at eight million tonnes for the year 2010, according to FAO. Iran's annual dairy production capacity for 2011 is foresighted by FAO to be at 8.1 million tonnes.


Iran has imported 0.6 million tonnes of dairy products and exported 0.1 million tonnes of dairy in 2010 and the numbers respectively stand at 0.6 and 0.1 tonnes for the year 2011, according to FAO.


India, China, Turkey and Japan have produced consecutively 114.4, 45.6, 12.2 and 7.8 million tonnes of milk and dairy products in 2010, according to FAO.

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