June 14, 2011


Romania exports 58,000 tonnes of poultry merchandise in 2010



Romania exported approximately 58,000 tonnes of poultry products last year, way below the industry's potential, whereas imports were almost twice the export amount at 93,000 tonnes, according to the president of Romania's National Poultry Breeders Union (UNCPR), Ilie Van.


"Unfortunately, we could not export but small amounts of poultry products last year, below the sector's potential in Romania. We exported 58,000 tonnes of processed meat, yet we imported 93,000 tonnes of cheap products on demand on the local market, due to the low purchasing power in Romania, way different from that in Western Europe. In point of quality the balance is somehow even whereas, in point of quantity, the imports prevail," Van said.


He added that the Romanian poultry farming sector has a higher export potential but it should focus on stronger brands.


"We must focus on strong brands, quality brands at a competitive price. Fowl meat can get into the supermarket chains only by distribution networks which take 30% of the price. Another major element is represented by promotion expenses, often reaching 3% of the turnover. I doubt there are many Romanian producers who can afford them," Van added.


"We have reported this year a plunge in the eggs' price, while the price of the animal feed went up by 30%. The price of the eggs on the Romanian market reported the lowest price in the past decade. If eggs sold last year for an average RON0.3 (US$0.10) (without VAT) at the producer, the price has been confined to RON0.15-0.20 (US$0.05-0.07) per item recently," UNCPR president said.


UNCPR has 100 members, large poultry farming companies which are responsible for the industrial production of 75% of the fowl meat and 80% of the eggs in Romania.

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