June 13, 2018


China sets out to improve dairy industry



China on Monday, June 11, issued a circular setting guidelines for the further development of its dairy industry.


The circular, released by the General Office of the State Council, includes goals to achieve within certain periods such as improving the quality of domestic dairy products. By 2020, it states, progress should have been made in building a modernised milk industry, with more than 99% of the products passing quality standards. Also, the reuse rate of the waste in cattle raising should reach more than 75%. 


By 2025, the whole milk industry should be revitalised with milk source bases, product processing, quality and industry competitiveness reaching the global top levels.


The guidelines seek to increase production capacity through technological innovation, system reform in management and cost reduction while increasing efficiency.  


They also call for the development of standardised cattle breeding methods, improvement of the quality of milk cows through big data and online evaluation platforms, and production of high-quality fodder for the cows.


According to the circular, the State Council encourages the integration of dairy enterprises, promotion companies and e-commerce retailers in order to lower costs while enhancing efficiency to increase the competitiveness of dairy enterprises.


There will also be more strict measures to help ensure the quality of formula milk powder for infants. Likewise, illegal actions such as mixing inedible ingredients and overuse of food additives will be banned.