June  12, 2024


Papua, Indonesia, declares emergency as ASF hits pigs




African swine fever (ASF) has been detected in pigs in Papua, Indonesia.


Antara reported that the Papuan government, through the local Livestock and Plantation Office, has declared an emergency status for an outbreak affecting pigs in the local area. The head of the Papua Livestock and Plantation Service, Matheus P. Koibur, said the emergency status was declared after the death rate of pigs increased from February 6 to April 5, when 156 pigs died in Nolokla and Ayapo villages, Sentani district, Jayapura regency.


"The 156 animals showed symptoms of an ASF outbreak that has the potential to spread; therefore, emergency disaster measures are needed to prevent its spread in the Papua province region," Koibur said in Jayapura on June 6.


Koibur added that authorities are taking necessary measures to prevent and control the transmission of the ASF outbreak. These include banning the movement of pigs, products and processed goods to and from Jayapura Regency and other areas with ASF, depopulating infected animals and monitoring cases throughout Papua.


Authorities are also providing information on the dangers of ASF, stepping up disinfection on pig farms and mapping pig farms.


"We are urging pig farm managers who use swill feeding to cook it perfectly," Koibur said. "We are also conducting unannounced inspections of pig slaughterhouses, restaurants and eateries that serve processed pork."


Jenny S. Dena, acting head of the Jayapura Regency Plantation and Livestock Service, said dozens of pigs that died in Ayapo village and Nolokla, East Sentani district, had been identified as having ASF. The Jayapura Regency Plantation and Livestock Service has eliminated and buried the infected pigs in the two villages to prevent further spread.


Dena explained that the spread of the ASF virus can be transmitted within a radius of 100 meters.


"The disease that caused the death of dozens of pigs in the two villages of Ayapo and Nolokla could affect other livestock if it is not stopped immediately," Dena said on June 3.


Meanwhile, the government of Lembata Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, has imposed a ban on the movement of pigs between sub-districts and villages to prevent the spread of the ASF virus.


"There must be no more movement of pigs from within Lewoleba town to districts or villages," said Theresia Making, acting secretary of Lembata's agriculture and food security department.


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