June 12, 2015


Stewardship Excellence Awards: Demonstrating TCPA's commitment to Crop Protection Stewardship in Thailand

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It was a special occasion for the members of the Thai Crop Protection Association (TCPA), who were recognized for their relentless commitment, sustained efforts and support to promote stewardship and sustainability in agriculture in the country. TCPA represents the plant science industry and spearheads the initiatives of CropLife International network in the country, promoting responsible and judicious use of agrochemicals and technologies that enable farmers to increase crop productivity.

A brief history of TCPA's stewardship initiatives

For many decades, TCPA is engaging actively with various stakeholders including the Department of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture Extension, reputed institutes such as Kasetsart and Mahidol University, various local NGOs and member companies to promote sustainability and cascade knowledge and awareness on IPM (Integrated Pest Management), Responsible Use of agrochemicals and GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) to the farmers. Several such initiatives demonstrated huge benefits to the stakeholders including small scale farmers who not only gained knowledge on minimizing risks to human health and also the environment, but improving productivity, produce quality and maximizing their incomes.

For example, through partnering with the Department of Agriculture, Thailand, smallholder farmers in Chantaburi, a major fruit production area, were trained by TCPA on GAP to become better equipped to meet the standards of exporting fruits to the European Union. As farmers gained knowledge on various aspects including using chemicals responsibly and judiciously, it helped them realize better productivity, profits and access to markets by meeting the stringent quality standards for export particularly. Since the farmers learnt to follow necessary intervals between applications particularly, prior to harvest, their produce were in conformance to the residue levels permitted by the importing markets. Several training programs like these are being organized regularly by TCPA and its members in many provinces of the country, which inspire farmers to adopt sustainable practices through demonstrating the benefits.

Besides these initiatives on the ground, TCPA, in collaboration with CropLife Asia and CropLife International, created educational videos, posters, manuals and infographics that are free to be used for training or educational purpose by any individual or organizations. These materials are used by many third party organizations that provide trainings to farmers, retailers and other stakeholders. Media such as radio and TV are regularly used to promote mass awareness on stewardship principles among the farmers.


TCPA Stewardship Excellence Awards

In order to encourage and inspire the members to hold stewardship as a top priority and foremost component of their core business operations, the Stewardship Committee of TCPA recently decided to institute awards to recognize companies and individuals who demonstrate their commitment. In collaboration with CropLife Asia, "TCPA Excellence in Stewardship Awards 2014" were presented to TCPA member companies and individuals for their immeasurable contribution to promote stewardship through trainings, innovative outreach initiatives, and demonstrating their commitment to conform to the Code of Conduct.

There were different categories of awards presented to recognize various initiatives carried out by the members of TCPA as given below.

Winners of the Best Trainer award
The following individuals were recognized for their individual contribution as capable trainers on spreading knowledge on key stewardship principles to various stakeholders including farmers.
Mr. Winai Rutchatapakornchai from Thep Watana Co., Ltd.
Mr. Methee Mesena from Chia Tai Co., Ltd.
Mr. Sakda Bannaphoomi from FMC Chemical (Thailand) Ltd.
Mr. Dumrongsak Deowanish from Syngenta Crop Protection Co., Ltd.

Mr. Piyapong Puttha, Trainer from Thai Crop Protection Association


Winners of the Stewardship Excellence Awards

The following companies were recognized for their immense contribution through their efforts in cascading knowledge and understanding of crop protection stewardship to various stakeholders in the country.



Selected Company

Project / Activity


Bayer Thai 

Big Safety Day

Best practice in the Corporate Code of Conduct 

Target :Bayer employees and related stakeholders


Crop Protection Agro (Thailand)

Responsible Use trainings for Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) members

Target: Palm oil growers and smallholders

Best practice in Sustained / Continuous activity implementation

Erawan Agricultural Chemicals

Responsible Use trainings to farmers

Target: Chili and sugarcane growers

FMC Chemical (Thailand) 

Responsible Use trainings to farmers

Target: Rice and filed crop growers

Best practice - Innovative & New initiatives

Syngenta Crop Protection

Promoting triple rinsing of the used pesticide containers


Target:  Oil palm growers under RSPO network


BASF (Thailand)

Reality show to demonstrate Responsible Use to growers



Target : Rice growers in Supanburi and Ayuthaya provinces

Honorable guests present during the event include Board members of TCPA, managers from member companies, Ms. Chutima Ratanasatien, Executive Director, TCPA, Raghavan Sampathkumar, Stewardship Director, CropLife Asia and senior executives from Kehakaset Agricultural Magazine.

TCPA (Thai Crop Protection Association) continues to promote responsible and judicious use of agrochemicals through providing trainings to farmers and extension personnel and further expand outreach and advocacy to internal and external stakeholders. Through its initiatives under the guidance of CropLife International network, TCPA is committed to promote sustainability as the key driver for a strong, resilient and profitable agribusiness industry in Thailand.

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