June 12, 2015


GrainCorp partners Dairy Club for milk production tool




GrainCorp Feeds has partnered research and technical specialists Dairy Club to help New Zealand dairy farmers using supplementary feed to achieve maximum profit this season.


Farmers working with GrainCorp Feeds will have access to Dairy Club's online milk prediction tool, Tracker, which measures current milk production and shows how they can achieve maximum gain.


Dairy Club's research shows that about US$140,000 of efficiency and productivity gains for the average farm can be achieved using Tracker, which is the equivalent to adding over US$1.05 to the milk price.


 "At a time of lower payout, we feel it is more important than ever to focus on how we can help farmers achieve profitable milk production," said GrainCorp Feeds general manager Daniel Calcinai.


"Our team will be working with customers to identify the potential on their farms and work on cost effective options for productivity, health and fertility for the short, medium and long term."


Dairy Club's James Hague said, "In the end, Tracker helps farmers plan and measure feed conversion efficiency and the margins they are making. They'll see their progress week-by-week which will allow them to make changes quickly to maximise their production."

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