June 11, 2015


Hubbard held international hatchery management training in US



Hubbard incubation specialist, Jiggs Killgore, and the hatchery team of Hubbard LLC conducted an international hatchery management training in Chattanooga and Pikeville, Tennessee, US.


Participation in the programme included key management and operations personnel of Hubbard customers from Brazil, Pakistan, Egypt, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Japan.


The three-day event started with presentations from poultry professionals addressing topics including sanitation, advancements in chick treatments, the latest incubation technology and software updates, application and administration of Coccivac, day-old-chick hydration products including the delivery systems for applications of such products, and embryo diagnosis techniques for identifying and troubleshooting issues occurring in the incubation process.


The course continued with presentations by hatchery manager, Tony Britt, and his team on egg room operations, incubation programmes, environment management and processing through incubation, transfer and chick processing. Laboratory manager Wes Miller presented his bacterial plating, monitoring and analysis programmes.


Hands-on training for all attendees formed the main part of the course and focused on actual egg break-outs and candling with analysis and troubleshooting recommendations, bacterial plating including actual location plate exposures with readings 24 hours after exposure, chick sexing, chick handling in the chick processing area and Coccivac applications. The hands-on training was completed with chick storage environment observation, application, monitoring and management techniques.


The training concluded with a presentation by Jay Daniels, Hubbard LLC's Director of Operations, on the Smithway chick and egg transportation operations, management, temperature/humidity monitoring and control, and a hands-on opportunity to access the controls of vehicles onsite.


The international event closed with a southern style barbeque during which the certificates for the successful completion of the training course were presented to the attendees.


The visit ended with a drive-by of one of Hubbard's multi-million dollar Grand Parent farms which were recently constructed. The participants expressed their appreciation for the presentations, depth of knowledge and hospitality to Hubbard's staff as well as acknowledging the excellent conditions of Hubbard facilities.
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