June 10, 2024


Saudi Arabia eyes investments in Thailand's agricultural sector



Saudi Arabia's leading food security agency is looking to invest in key agricultural industries in Thailand, with a particular focus on poultry and fish sectors, an adviser to the Thai agriculture minister revealed, The Nation reported.


Adillaw Ali-Ishoh, an adviser to Agriculture Minister Thamanat Prompow, spoke to reporters after meeting with Mohammed Almousa, group CEO adviser at the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC). Ali-Ishoh attended the meeting on behalf of the minister.


SALIC, a joint-stock company fully owned by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, plays a significant role in the country's food security strategy.


Ali-Ishoh said Almousa expressed interest in investing in Thailand's poultry and fish processing and animal feed manufacturing industries.


Saudi Arabia is the 31st largest importer of Thai agricultural products. The value of agricultural goods exported from Thailand to Saudi Arabia increased to THB 8.57 billion (US$232 million) in 2023, up from THB 7.39 billion (US$200 million) in 2022 and THB 5.55 billion (US$150 million) in 2021.


-      The Nation

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