June 10, 2016


EW Nutrition appoints technical manager for Middle East and Africa



EW Nutrition has appointed Khalil Al Rahman Abu Sharkh as its new technical manager for the Middle East and Africa (MEA).


Over the last 20 years, Sharkh gathered valuable experiences in various companies of the poultry business.


He started with a focus on broiler breeding projects and broadened the scope of expertise to related areas like R&D, buying, quality control and sales.


Sharkh holds a Bachelor's degree in agricultural science in the field of animal production from the Jordanian university for science and technology.


"We are really happy to have Khalil now on board," Radek Nigrin, EW Nutrition's director for MEA, said. "He has an ideal fit as he combines broad and extensive knowledge in poultry business with a solid practical background in farm management. This expertise and his cultural closeness to the area will provide additional benefit to our customers in this growing market."

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