June 10, 2015


Zinpro announces sponsorship at European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition




Zinpro Corporation has announced its Wi-Fi & Relax-Zone exclusive sponsorship at the upcoming 20th European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition (ESPN) in Prague, Czech Republic. The symposium will be held at the Prague Congress Centre (PCC) during August 24-27, 2015.


With more than 500 participants expected to attend, the ESPN event will provide an international forum to discuss and exchange ideas on poultry nutrition.


"The Zinpro-sponsored Wi-Fi & Relax Zone will offer a comfortable place for attendees to connect and share," said Dr. Annsofie Wahlstrom, Zinpro's poultry research nutritionist for Europe.


"In our Relax Zone, participants can meet and enjoy a cup of coffee or reach out, via Wi-Fi communications, to colleagues unable to participate at the symposium."


The 20th ESPN event will feature scientific presentations on a variety of poultry topics. These include gut-associated immune systems, prolonged laying cycles, gut health and litter quality in turkeys, and generational feeding related to improving broiler performance through breeder nutrition.


"Zinpro Corporation is proud to sponsor a facility that connects poultry scientists and industry leaders to solutions that can improve the health and wellness of animals and contribute to more efficient and sustainable food production systems," said Boudewijn Mys, Zinpro's regional business unit manager for Europe, Russia and South Africa.


"We're looking forward to future connections that will be forged at this forum."

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