June 10, 2011


Kosarom to invest in pig farm



Romanian meat processing company Kosarom will allocate EUR15 million (US$ 21.8 million) to the pig farm, Suinprod, located in northeastern Romania, according to the media on Thursday (Jun 9).


Suinprod, which was closed in the last 20 years, will reopen in the beginning of next year.


"Some 30% of the money will come from the company's own sources, as the remaining will be covered by loans," Kosarom's owner, Neculai Apostol, said.


Apostol also said that that Kosarom expects its turnover this year to remain unchanged at EUR45 million (US$65.3 million).


Kosarom, privatised in 1992, produces 6,500 tonnes of meat per year and 25-30 tonnes of salami products daily.

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