June 10, 2011


Ukraine to stop meat imports in coming years



Ukraine is intending to halt imports of meat, in particular pork and lard, in the next two or three years, according to the Vice President of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, academician Volodymyr Ladyka.


The scientist noted that in solving food problems, poultry products, in particular, the production of poultry meat, in terms of the price and quality, taking into account the purchasing power of the Ukrainian population, had always occupied a leading position. However, the poultry industry remains problematic in Ukraine's agricultural production, although it is expanding rapidly.


He said that among the tasks facing the sector at the current stage of its development were to create favourable conditions to improve the efficiency of poultry in general, to provide the public with high-quality food, to sustain significant competition on the domestic market and to find ways to enter the foreign market.


The Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry predicted a reduction in meat imports to Ukraine in 2011 by 100,000 tonnes, to 270,000-275,000 tonnes. Meat imports will be reduced due to the growth in domestic meat production in Ukraine, in particular, due to an increase in the production of poultry and pork.

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