June 10, 2011


Serbia's Agroziv seeks to regain regional leadership


Agroziv, Serbia's largest poultry meat producer, is planning to become a major player in the Balkans again, following the import of a substantial Cobb500 breeder flock during the last week of May.


"The breeders arrived in excellent condition and have made a very good start in life," says Lubor Skalka, technical manager of Cobb Germany, which supplied the chicks. He was pleased how well the houses had been renovated and prepared for the chicks.


After years of financial difficulty, Agroziv was purchased last December by the national gas company Srbijagas. A new management team has been put in place at Agroziv, the former regional market leader in chicken production, now investing in further development and modernisation at all levels. 


"Cobb is being recognized as a stairway to a bright future for Agroziv," says James Truscott, director of Cobb Germany. "The Cobb500 will help the company reduce their meat production costs and become once again the major player in the Balkans."

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