June 9, 2021


İmaş Machinery completes solar power project




İmaş Machinery, the subsidiary company of İttifak Holding in the machinery sector, announced that it had completed its eco-friendly solar power plant project in Konya, Turkey and has started production.

İmaş Machinery aims to produce 1.3 million TL of energy annually from solar energy panels with a capacity of 1780 KWp placed on the roof of its factory in Konya.

İmaş Machinery, one of Turkey's top exporting companies, completed its Rooftop Solar Power Plant (Rooftop SPP) investment that it started on December 31, 2020. The 5,394 solar energy panels will produce annually 2,413,055 kWh of electricity. With this investment, İmaş Machinery will be able to meet all of its annual energy needs from natural resources and sell the excess energy that may arise to a distribution company.

Mustafa Özdemir, general manager of İmaş Machinery, said that renewable energy has become even more important today, where concerns about climate change are increasing day by day.

"With the Rooftop SPP investment we made as İmaş Machinery, we make significant contributions not only to the economy of our company but also to the country's economy and nature. Together with the 1780 KWp capacity solar energy system installed in our factory, we will produce 1.3 million TL of electricity annually. In this way, besides meeting all of our annual energy needs from solar energy, we will also sell the remaining energy to distribution companies. The most important gain of the project will be to contribute to the environment by preventing the release of 1,477,833 kg of carbon dioxide gas per year with our renewable energy investment. Considering that this amount can be consumed and cleaned only by 131,621 10-year-old trees, we can see that we have made the right investment decision for our future," Özdemir said.