Jun 09, 2011


TonniesFleisch to construct pig complex in Russia



German company TonniesFleisch, an expert in pork production, has confirmed its plan to carry out a big investment project that consists of a modern pig complex in the Voronezh region.


TonniesFleisch representatives repeatedly visited the region to explore potential sites for construction of livestock and processing facilities. TonniesFleisch plans to build a pig complex with total capacity of 200,000 tonnes in carcass weight per year, animal feed mill, and plant for slaughter. Investments according to forecasts could reach EUR300 million (US$432 million).


The Voronezh authorities are conducting parallel negotiations with TonniesFleisch, and the Moscow group Agroimport on a similar issue. Both companies are partners on the project Alekseevskii bacon in the Belgorod region.


Previously it was stated that TonniesFleisch will carry on business in the region together with its Russian partner, but now it seems like the investors’ plans have changed. Agroimport, in turn, is considering building 10 pig farms in the region with total capacity of 50,000 tonnes in carcass weight per year and an animal feed mill with the capacity of 40 tonnes per day, and also to develop meat processing in the near future.

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