June 8, 2021

ASF confirmed in vicinity of Gnuszyn, Poland



An outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) has been confirmed in the vicinity of the town of Gnuszyn (Chrzypsko Wielkie municipality, Międzychód district, Greater Poland Voivodeship), Poland, according to the country's Chief Veterinary Inspectorate (GIW).


The outbreak is in a so-called ‘restricted zone II', formerly a ‘red' zone, and affects about 3,000 domestic pigs.


The veterinary services of the Międzychód district has implemented measures to isolate the outbreak and limit the possibility of disease spread.


From autumn 2020 to May this year, no cases of ASF had been reported in this voivodeship (an area administered by governor).


The first ASF outbreak in 2021 was localized in a farm with 15,938 pigs, located in Niedźwiady (Świebodzin municipality, Świebodzin district, Lubusz voivodeship).


In early May, a wild boar was hunted in the Szamotuły district, which turned out to be a carrier of the disease. Similar cases were reported on the border of other districts.


- Pig333