June 8, 2011


Australia's beef exports to Asia rebound in May



Australian beef exports to Southeast Asia and Greater China during May soared 28% in contrast to the same period last year, to 12,990 tonnes swt.


Following several months of sluggish orders to Indonesia, due to restrictions on import permits, exports to the market during May jumped 70%, to 4,229 tonnes swt. Shipments to China were also remarkably strong, surging 262% on year, to 812 tonnes swt, offsetting the 10% fall in shipments to Hong Kong, to 625 tonnes swt. While the impact of the record high Australian dollar was felt for exports to Taiwan that decreased by 8% to 3,242 tonnes swt, volumes to all other markets in the region continued to rise.


Chilled beef exports to the region during May increased 49% a year ago, to 1,582 tonnes swt, largely assisted by chilled beef demand from Taiwan as more US beef was detected with a drug that promotes lean meat.


Shipments of the three main cuts to the region increased during May, including manufacturing (up 18%), shin shank (up 8%) and blade (up 64%).


Australian beef shipments to Southeast Asia and Greater China during the 11 months to May 2011 totalled 4% above the same period last year, at a record 123,505 tonnes swt. While shipments to Indonesia were reduced, exports to China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam all increased.

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