June 8, 2011


Batumi Meat Combinat invests in beef production



Batumi Meat Combinat will be building a cattle-breeding farm and slaughterhouse in Khelvachauri, the Autonomous Republic of Achara.


At the first stage, the company management will invest US$500,000-700,000 to import slaughterhouse equipment from Germany and Turkey.


The company representative Levan Jijavadze said the farm will hold 250 cows, but the figure will increase to 1200-1500 cows in future.


The farm has an area of 2000 square metres, but the management plans to acquire additional land plots to expand the farm space.


Initially, the company plans to buy cattle from local residents and sell the beef in Achara. At the same time, the company will offer slaughterhouse services to interested companies and population.


Batumi Meat Combinat plans to open stores in Batumi. The project is an estimated US$2 million.


Batumi Meat Combinat was set up in March 2011 with Turkish and Georgian investments.

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