June 7, 2021

Apps for Aviagen's Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross brands now available



Aviagen has recently launched flock management apps for its Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross customers worldwide.


The new tools join Aviagen's range of information resources, offering quick and easy access to vital parent stock (PS) and broiler data, along with other useful reference and monitoring tools.


The apps are available for Android and iOS (Apple) platforms.


With the apps, customers can select the region, product and language appropriate to them and access an array of helpful information.


Some features of the app include:


- Availability in 16 languages;


- Ability to benchmark flocks against PS and broiler Performance Objectives;


- Access to newly published PS Performance Objectives, broiler and the just-released 2021 PS Nutrition Specifications, Management Guides and more;


- Date finder to match calendar dates with flock age for user-friendly performance tracking;


- Easy calculation of the European Performance Efficiency Factor (EPEF/PEF);


- A scoring tool to count birds in up to five subgroups (expressed in %);


- A unit converter to switch between metric and US measurements for area, length, volume and energy.


"With our new global apps, we further demonstrate our commitment to strengthen customer support through continuous innovation," said Kay Thomson, Aviagen's marketing coordinator and app project manager.


- Aviagen