June 7, 2021


Cherkizovo to launch new production in Kaliningrad Region, Russia



The Governor of the Kaliningrad Region, Russia, Anton Alikhanov, and the chief executive officer of Cherkizovo Group, Sergey Mikhailov, have signed an agreement to launch the production of beef patties for food service during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.


The agreement concerns an investment project to upgrade Cherkizovo's Otechestvenny Product Meat Processing Plant. Under the agreement, the production of beef burger patties will be launched in Kaliningrad Region. The production capacity is estimated at 13,000 tonnes per year.


The beef patties will be supplied to Russia's fast food restaurants. ₽1.1 billion (US$15.1 million), including VAT, will be invested in the project that will create 200 new jobs.


"Cherkizovo Group's new project is not about the region's food industry only. It is an economic and social incentive for rural, remote areas such as the Pravdinsky District," said Alikhanov. "The district is in urgent need of new jobs and I am glad that Cherkizovo Group helps our region to address this issue."


"During the meeting with Governor Anton Alikhanov, we confirmed our interest in further expanding our business in the Kaliningrad Region," said Mikhailov. "It has a significant potential for increasing capacities to produce various high-quality meat products, which will attract new major investments in the region's economy."


- Cherkizovo