June 7, 2021

Dutch exports of finishing pigs fell by nearly 45% in first 20 weeks of 2021



The Netherlands' exports of finishing pigs have dropped by close to 45%, from 557,847 head in 2020 to 308,317 head this year, during the first 20 weeks of 2021.


The decline was attributed to a decrease in Dutch exports to Germany, a top destination. Exports to the country have decreased by 50.9%, from 539,044 head in the first 20 weeks of 2020 to 264,660 head in the same period this year.


The drop in finishing pig exports has led to a 5% increase in slaughter in Dutch slaughterhouses, with 6,334,353 pigs slaughtered up to mid-May this year compared to 6,031,000 pigs for the same period in 2020.


- Pig333 / RVO.