June 7, 2016


China - Update on recent industry developments (week ended June 5, 2016)



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    New Hope Liuhe celebrates new broiler complex in Leting   Heilongjiang Shengshikaida to build large-scale dairy farm and dairy industrial park in Tangyuan
          Modern dairy farm added to Rizhao
Wen's Group to invest RMB550 million in Nanbu   New Wellfulto invest RMB30 million to set up bio-feed tech company  





New Hope Liuhe celebrates new broiler complex in Leting   

An opening ceremony was held recently in Leting, northenHebei, to celebrate the completion and operation of New HopeLiuhe's latest high-end broiler complex.
A joint venture between the local government, New Hope Liuhe and LetingZhaotai Agricultural Development, the RMB1.36 billion fully-integrated complex covers a total area of ​​133.33 hectares, and consists of a hatchery, commercial broiler breeding farms, an abattoir with a daily processing capacity of 120,000 poultry,cooked food processing plant, a 240,000-tonnes feed mill, and organic fertiliser processing plant.
It is estimated that the project will bring in an annual sales revenue ofRMB8.5 billion, and produce 20 million broilers a year.


Heilongjiang Shengshikaida to build large-scale dairy farm and dairy industrial park in Tangyuan  

Heilongjiang ShengshikaidaGrouphas recently signed an agreement with the government of Tangyuan district, Jiamusi, Heilongjiang province, to build a large-scale dairy farm and dairy industrial park in Tangyuan.
Under the agreement, Shengshikaida Group will invest RMB380 million to build a 54-hectares dairy farm. The farm will have a total construction area of 65,000 square meters, equipped with a milking hall, silos and other ancillary facilities. 
The RMB520 million dairy industrial park projectwill be located insideHeli Industrial Park, and covers an area of about 16 hectares. Once completed and in full operation, it is estimated to produce more than 200 tonnes of fresh milk daily, and achieve an annual sales revenue of RMB100 million. 


Modern dairy farm added to Rizhao 

A 2,000-head modern dairy farm has recently been set up in Rizhao, Shandong, by Shandong Yisheng Modern Husbandry Co,.Ltd. The investment is estimated at RMB80 million, and covers a total construction area of ​​28,900 square meters, of which, 6,300 square meters will be used to construct two sheds for lactating cows. In addition, there will also be a 1,800-square meters milking hall, a 2,000-square meters shed for dry cows and young adult cows, a 2,000-square meters breeding barn, a 2,700-square meters shed for special needs cattle, a 2,800-square meters hay feed storeroom, a 20,000-cubic meters silo, and a 30,000-square meters sports field.

The first batch of 500 imported Australian dairy cows had survived the strict quarantine, and moved into the farm a few weeks ago, kick starting its operation. The company had also spent RMB10 million importing modern equiremnt from Germany company GED, such as 50 rotary milking systems, rapid cooling systems, and storages, and is expected to put them in use by end of this year.

The farm is scheduled to be fully operational by 2017. The company hopes to achieve an annual milk production of 14,000 tonnes of raw milk and an annual output value of RMB100 million in 1 to 3 years.



New Wellfulto invest RMB30 million to set up bio-feed tech company  

To further enhance its swineindustry chain, reduce logistics costs, ensurethe feed supply to its core breeding areas, and increase the competitiveness of its feed exports,Hunan-based New Wellful Co., Ltd has decided to set up a fully-owned subsidiary, "Leiyang New Wellful Bio-feed Technonlgy Co., Ltd", inLeiyang city, Hengyang, Hunan province.
The proposal for the new company has been approved by the Board of Directors last week, and will have a registered capital of RMB30 million. Most importantly, the new company will assist to ensure a smooth construction and implementation of New Wellful's new feed mill in the city, which will have an annual capacity of 180,000 tonnesof feed once completed.




Wen's Group to invest RMB550 million in Nanbu   

According to the Nanbu Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Guangdong Wen's Group will be investinga total of RMB550 million in Nanbu, Sichuan, to establish a 200,000-headswine breeding farm and a 25 million-head broiler breeding base.
It is reported that out of the RMB550 million investment sum, a fixed amount of RMB150 million will go towards the swine project, whilea fixed investment sum of RMB100 million will go towards the broiler project. The remaining RMB300 million will be used as liquid assets.
The company will be undertaking a "company + farm households" mode of operation, with unified healthcare standards,breeding sources, feed, technology, and product recovery.


* 1 hectare (10,000 sq. meters) =15 Mu
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