Jun 7, 2011


Bell Aquaculture breaks ground on development



Bell Aquaculture, a pioneer in sustainable fish farming operations, broke ground on Sunday (Jun 5) to establish the nation's biggest yellow perch (Perca flavenscens) fish farm after forking out US$5 million to expand its output facility in Albany, Indiana. 


The announcement is made by Norman McCowan, president of Bell Aquaculture, who said, "Our team has been working diligently to bring this expansion to fruition and are thrilled the financing finally came together to help fuel Bell Aquaculture's continued growth."


Furthermore, McCowan added, "We are happy to partner with The Conservation Fund, Indiana Soybean Alliance, and Pranger Enterprise, Inc., to further develop Indiana aquaculture using sustainable water recycling technology. The added capacity of three million more fish per year is much needed to meet our growing customer demand."


Those in attendance at the ground breaking included: Ed Messer, Construction Management; Nick Zaccaria, Bell Aquaculture; Nick Pranger, Construction Management; Gabe Pranger, Construction Management; Steve Summerfelt, The Conservation Fund; Joe Hankins, The Conservation Fund; Mike Hines, Bell Aquaculture; Steve Hart, Indiana Soybean Alliance; Norman McCowan, Bell Aquaculture; Brian Baldwin, Bell Aquaculture; Ann Baldwin, Bell Aquaculture; Josh Pranger, Construction Management; Bruce Baldwin, Muncie-Delaware County Economic Development Alliance; and Mike Swinford, Briner Construction.


Bell Aquaculture, headquartered in Redkey, Indiana, is a producer and processor of farm-raised fish for restaurants and consumer use. Production facilities, dedicated to yellow perch, are located in Albany and comprise the nation's largest yellow perch farm. Yellow perch is one of the most popular of all North American pan fish.

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