June 7, 2011


Indonesia studies the shipment of cow breeders



The Indonesian Agriculture Ministry is concluding its studies of importing milch cow breeders to enlarge dairy farms and lessen shipments of fresh milk.


Agriculture Minister Suswono expressed concern over the country's high dependence of around 70% on import for fresh milk, adding dairy farm creates large number of jobs.


Suswono attributed the difficulty in expanding dairy farms to high prices of animal feed in the country.


Suswono said imports of milch cow will also contribute to increasing the country's cattle population.


Suswono said the country has the potential to become a major supplier of live cattle and he also pointed out that Indonesia exported live cattle to Hong Kong in 1976.


However, currently the country has become a major importer with annual imports of 600,000 live cows, he said.


Meanwhile, Australia, the main supplier of liver cattle to Indonesia decided to stop exports to feedlot cows to Indonesia on alleged brutal treatment of the animals by certain abattoirs.

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