June 6, 2023


Amlan International names Beijing Zhongnong Pasture Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as chief distributor in China



Amlan® International, the animal health business of Oil-Dri® Corporation of America and a global leader in mineral-based feed additives that optimise the intestinal health of poultry and livestock, has announced its strategic restructuring plans for its business in China.


To streamline distribution and increase efficiency, Amlan has chosen Beijing Zhongnong Pasture Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as its chief distributor in China. The strategic decision recognises the significance of the Chinese market and Amlan's successful longstanding partnership with Zhongnong.


With nearly 20 years of experience serving the Chinese feed and farming industry, Zhongnong has proven to be a valuable partner in the northern region of the country by working closely with Amlan to provide proven mineral-based feed additives to Chinese animal producers.


Zhongnong has a highly professional sales team with widespread reach and a comprehensive service network, possessing an in-depth understanding and appreciation of Amlan's products. Leveraging this vast knowledge and industry experience will enhance the value delivered to customers in the Chinese market by improving distribution efficiency and promoting Amlan's full range of products, including Calibrin®-A and Calibrin®-Z products and products, such as Varium® and NeoPrime®, that will be available in the future.


Since 2012, Zhongnong has been one of Amlan's top-performing distributors, fostering a long history of partnership, mutual trust and support. Amlan and Zhongnong have full confidence in the market and sales prospects.


"We are extremely optimistic about Amlan's future prospects for global growth. Zhongnong has a distinct advantage in the (Chinese) market with a strong and loyal ruminant and layer customer base that can accelerate Amlan's business opportunities and support the business," said Dr. Wade Robey, vice president of agriculture at Oil-Dri Corporation of America and president of Amlan International.


By establishing Zhongnong as its chief distributor, Amlan is poised to continue its growth and success in the Chinese market while providing value and support to both existing and future customers.

- Oil-Dri Corporation Of America

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