June 6, 2018

China, Russia organisations to jointly promote dairy industry development


The China-Russia Nutrition Forum was successfully held in Moscow, Russia, with "World Digestive Health Day" as its theme.


The forum was jointly held by Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS) and the Federal Research Centre of Nutrition, Biotechnology and Food Safety, Russia (FRC).


The event is the first time China and Russia have an official exchange on nutrition issues, reaching a consensus on the importance of consumer education of active probiotic dairy drinks. Based on their academic interaction, CNS and FRC signed a Memorandum of Understanding on strategic cooperation.


In addition, they established a common goal to jointly enhance collaboration in the field of nutrition and health and boost talent sourcing in dairy technology. To achieve this, they will facilitate bilateral trade processes and dairy industry development by providing guidance and support for laws and regulations which ensure seamless trade in dairy products between both countries.


As a population's overall consumption upgrades, health education matters more than material gains. "Chinese people are having substandard daily intake of dairy, especially active probiotic drinks. To educate the public the health benefits of active probiotic is very important," Yang Yuexin, director of CNS, said.


There is also a similar situation in regards to active probiotic drinks in Russia.


"The dietary structure of Europe is mainly made up of meat, egg and dairy. Russians have dairy consumption meeting guiding criterion, but [the] awareness of the function of active probiotic drinks need to be greatly improved," said Sheveleva Svetlana, head of FRC's laboratory of biosafety and analysis of nutrimicrobioman.


Under such conditions, Mengniu, one of the leading Chinese brands, has promoted the international exchange and consumer education in dairy industry.


Mengniu and Danone have cooperated in the field of fresh yogurt to focus on bringing in Danone's high-quality bacteria, making full use of global R&D capability, and benchmarking leading international production technology and quality management system.


Both companies focus on a future where Chinese consumers can enjoy quality products based on the principle of "same production line, same quality and same standard" with European and global counterparts.

- Mengniu Danone Joint Venture