June 6, 2011


JSR signs key German contract

Press Release


JSR, one of the world's leading pig genetics businesses, has made further strides in Europe by signing a key distribution contract with Premium Pork Farms GmbH, based in Neuenkirchen, Westphalia, Germany's prime pig production area.


The signing took place between Paul Anderson, JSR's International Sales Director, and Antonius Brink, owner of Premium Pork Farms, which markets breeding stock within Germany, and follows a visit by Antonius and his wife Ilka to JSR in the UK.


"Increasing market share in Germany is a top priority for JSR," said Paul Anderson, "and so I am delighted with the potential of this partnership. Antonius' visit confirmed for him that quality JSR genetics, together with the technical support and expertise that we can provide - for him and his customers - will be key to their success in a very competitive region. Both me and my assistant Laura Russell have worked closely with Antonius and were proud to show him JSR's world class scientific, technical facilities and breeding stock."


During his stay Antonius, also a practicing Veterinary surgeon, visited JSR's Southburn Head Office, their Northern Semen Delivery Centre and the 1,800 sow Haywold commercial farm that uses Genepacker 90 Parent Gilts.  He also visited JSR's Decoy Unit, the new 8,500 place weaning and finishing unit devoted to optimising the rearing herd performance of the Haywold progeny.


"The JSR Genepacker 90s were as robust as I expected," Antonius said, "I was impressed by the excellent viability, birth and weaning weights of the piglets. The conformation of the slaughter pigs when JSR Genepacker 90s are mated to JSR Geneconverter 600s are exactly what German pig processors are looking for: a carcase with high lean meat percentage, extreme conformation and a low level of back fat. Such pigs will command a good price on the new German grading system."


A sister company to Premium Pork Farms GmbH - Brink Viehandlung GmbH - has been established for over 25 years as a successful trading company marketing piglets, weaners, and slaughter pigs.


"My aim in the medium term," concludes Antonius," will be to establish a local nucleus and multiplication pyramid to provide a more flexible service to my customers. We believe the high health status of JSR breeding stock is essential in helping German farmers maximise pig production and profit."

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