June 4, 2019

FEFAC releases publication on feed industry's use of co-products


FEFAC has released its publication called "Co-products, an essential part of animal nutrition", which aims to create increased awareness among EU stakeholders and policy makers about the feed industry's extensive use of co-products.

The publication describes how co-products such as brewers' grains, sugar beet pulp and wheat bran are generated during food and biofuel production, as well as what their value is in compound feed. The use of co-products is an illustration of the role European compound feed manufacturers play in the food chain's circular economy, creating economic and environmental benefits for both the original production process and the livestock sector.

FEFAC President Nick Major said, "A key strength of the European feed industry is its capacity and knowledge to safely convert co-products into nutritious animal feed. However, there should be increased awareness of the fact that the use of these co-products resulting from food, drink and biofuel production plays key role in (food) waste prevention and helps to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of industrial compound feed and livestock production".

The publication will be handed out at FEFAC's 60th Anniversary Event on June 6, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium with the conference theme "Resource Efficiency Champions of the Food Chain for 60 Years".