June 4, 2015

Cargill completes acquisition of Zamanita from Zambeef


Cargill has completed the acquisition of Zamanita Ltd, the soybean crushing and oil refining subsidiary of Zambeef.

Zamanita now becomes an integral part of Cargill's business in Zambia.

As part of the deal, Cargill acquired all of Zamanita's assets, including the Mama's and Zamanita oil brands under which the company will continue to provide high quality products.

Welcoming Zamanita's 310 employees, Lezanne van Zyl, the general manager of Cargill in Zambia, said, "Cargill will immediately start an extensive investment programme at the crush and refinery site in Lusaka, where upgrades will be made to machinery, tools and operational processes."

"Building on Zamanita's existing strengths, we intend to bring this plant up to the high standards of quality, environmental health and safety that is associated with our company around the world," van Zyl added. "We will optimise the efficiency of the operation that will bring benefits to our customers in the food and feed sectors." 

"Acquiring this business is a strong indicator of Cargill's intention to grow our business in Zambia," Johan Steyn, the head of Cargill's grain and oilseeds business in the Middle East and Africa, said. "We see excellent potential in the country's agricultural sector and this investment is aligned with Cargill's strategy to develop our offering to farmers."

According to Steyn, Cargill has worked with small-scale farmers in Zambia for several years, helping them to diversify into the cultivation of cash crops.

"Investing in soybean processing further enables Cargill to provide both small-scale and commercial farmers with market access for their products," Steyn said. "Our feed customers will also benefit from a high and consistent soybean meal quality, building on our worldwide experience as a leading soybean meal producer."

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