June 4, 2015


Wheat DDGS could replace soymeal, UK research project shows



A four-year research project in the UK has shown that wheat DDGS, a co-product from bioethanol production, can be used as an alternative protein to feed pigs.


The Defra-funded ENBBIO Link programme involved 25 industry and academic partners to study how distillers' dried grain with solubles (DDGS) would work for pig and poultry producers.


Results from the study show that DDGS could make up 30% of a pelleted ration for growing and finishing pigs, but further work had to be done to improve the quality of the diet. During trials, pigs fed with DDGS showed decreased levels of digestibility of the essential amino acid lysine.


Until now, little research has been done in the UK on the performance of DDGS for monogastrics. Trials began in the poultry sector with a diet containing up to 18% DDGS to measure feed conversion ratios, growth rates and nitrogen digestion. For one broiler trial, it was shown that there was no difference in liveweight gain between the control and the test flock, and the latter even showed a better feed conversion ratio.


More information on the research project is available at: http://www.bpex.org.uk/events/conferences/2015/future-of-feeds-new-advances-in-co-products-for-pigs/

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