June 4, 2011


Frozen pork from Central Europe enters Finnish market



Large stocks of frozen pork from Central Europe have entered Finland's market.


According to Finland's Pork Producers, the Central European market came to a standstill when dioxin was found in pork in Germany, and stocks are now being emptied at the beginning of the barbecue season when the price of pork usually goes up.


A total of 140 million kilos of meat was frozen with EU subsidies. Because the price is low, also Finnish companies are keen to import. According to food industry company HK Ruokatalo, the supply of pork has increased, and Russia has restricted import opportunities.


HK Ruokatalo still has meat in stock after the restrictions of the autumn of 2010, so the company will reduce purchases. HK Ruokatalo has no plans to import cheap pork, on the contrary, the company is giving up unprofitable exports.

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