June 3, 2021


JBS workers to return to work at US meat plants following cyberattack



JBS SA employees were expected to go back to the company's meat plants in the United States on June 2 after its beef operations were disrupted by a ransomware attack.


A Russia-linked hacking group is behind the cyberattack against JBS that affected meat production in North America and Australia, Bloomberg News reported, citing sources.


JBS controls about 20% of the slaughtering capacity for US cattle and hogs, so the plants' reopening should prevent a severe supply chain disruption at a time consumers are already facing high meat prices and general food inflation.


JBS said on June 1 that it had made "significant progress in resolving the cyberattack.


"The "vast majority" of the company's beef, pork, poultry and prepared foods plants will be operational on June 2, according to a company statement.


Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) cattle futures rose on the same day after tumbling the day before as the JBS plant shutdowns prevented farmers from delivering their cattle to slaughter plants.


- Reuters