June 3, 2016


Nuscience: Aromabiotic Cattle as "valuable option" for udder health




Oral supplementation with Nuscience's Aromabiotic Cattle, a carefully balanced mixture of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA), supports the dairy cow by boosting immune status and results in an improved udder health.


According to the company, genetic selection for high milk productions has resulted in the dairy cow becoming a super-production animal; hence, the cow undergoes tremendous physiological stress and is more susceptible to metabolic disorders and various other conditions.


Neutrophilic leukocytes (neutrophils) are short living white blood cells present in blood and tissues, forming the essential part of the primary immune response. It is scientifically proven, Nuscience says, that Aromabiotic Cattle increases the viability of these neutrophils in the blood as well as in the milk.


As a result, invading pathogens are eliminated more efficiently leading to a lower somatic cell count and higher milk production.


Supplementation with Aromabiotic Cattle during the dry period will prevent cows from developing the typical immune suppression around calving, whereas supplementation during the lactation will continuously support immunity and milk production.


Since (sub) clinical mastitis is the most common and most costly disease in dairy cattle, Nuscience upholds Aromabiotic Cattle as a "valuable option" to ensure udder health through nutrition.

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