June 3, 2011


Classical swine fever detected in two more Lithuanian farms



Classical swine fever has been detected in two more farms in the district of Jonava, Central Lithuania.


The State Food and Veterinary Service (VMVT) reported that suspected cases were found in a 2,300-pig farm in the village of Prauliai and in a 5,200-pig farm in the village of Blauzdziai. Both farms belong to the Berzu Kompleksas company.


On June 1, swine fever was detected in a 15,900-pig farm in the village of Silai. The farm, also part of Berzu Kompleksas, began culling infected pigs on Wednesday.


Pigs which were in direct contact with the affected farm in the village of Silai and/or purchased pigs from that holding, will be slaughtered and processed thermally if no classical swine fever virus is found, according to Jonas Milius, Lithuania's Chief Veterinary.


Classical swine fever poses no risks to humans. It only affects pigs and boars.

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