June 2, 2011


Estonia's dairy exports and imports up in 2010



According to the Estonian Institute of Economic Research, Estonia's dairy exports increased 52% to EUR147.2 million (US$211.3 million) and imports 41% to EUR47.3 million (US$67.9 million) last year.


The share of cheese in exports was EUR53.8 million (US$77.2 million), milk and cream EUR38.8 million (US$55.7 million), and milk and cream powder EUR17.5 million (US$25.1 million).


Of the dairy exports, 61% went into the EU and 38% to Russia. Exports to Russia grew 2.6-fold. The share of Latvia, Lithuania and Finland in the Estonian dairy products exports was respectively 15%, 14%, and 13%.


The share of cream in imports was EUR12 million (US$17.2 million), of sour milk products EUR6.5 million (US$9.3 million) and of powders EUR6.3 million (US$9.04 million).


In terms of countries, 24% of the dairy products export went to Germany. The share of Latvia was 18%, that of Poland 16% and of Lithuania 15%.


The domestic dairy products market totalled 401,000 tonnes or 299 kg per person recalculated into milk. In the record year of 2004 the sum total of the Estonian dairy products market was 445,000 tonnes.

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