June 1, 2023


China to build first cage-free model egg farm and training centre




Shanxi Agricultural University and Global Food Partners have announced the construction of China's first cage-free training centre and model farm, addressing the rising demand for cage-free eggs in the country, Poultry World reported.


With many Chinese egg producers expressing the need for additional training and technical support in transitioning to or optimizing cage-free production systems, the new facility aims to equip producers with the necessary training and knowledge for sustainable and welfare-oriented practices, as well as a competitive edge in the market.


This ground-breaking initiative, the first of its kind in China, will provide practical training in the implementation of best practices in cage-free management. Additionally, the centre will house a research and development facility and cater to farmers, auditors, veterinarians, and other stakeholders in the region, offering a valuable resource for the industry.


The model farm will serve as a demonstration site for farmers seeking to transition from cage systems to cage-free environments.


During the partnership's formal signing ceremony, Liu Wenzhong, Dean of the College of Agricultural Standardisation at Shanxi Agricultural University, said that the project will showcase exemplary practices in cage-free egg production and highlight effective management strategies for cage-free farms.


He also said that the training programmes and communication channels will facilitate stakeholder collaboration, establish production standards, and promote the sustainable development of cage-free egg production.


-      Poultry World

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