June 1, 2021

Texas A&M to hold conference for grass-fed beef producers in late-June



The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will host a conference for producers of grass-fed beef on June 24-25 at the Texas A&M Rosenthal Meat Center in College Station, Texas, the United States.


In addition to discussing grass-fed beef production, speakers will look at grain- and pasture-finished beef targeting local markets, said Ron Gill, PhD, AgriLife Extension beef cattle specialist at the Department of Animal Science, Texas A&M's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


"This past year saw a dramatic increase in interest in marketing beef directly to customers. It also highlighted some of the limitations to successfully getting that done," Gill said. "Limited processing facilities significantly hampered people's ability to produce and sell locally produced beef. We will look into this constraint on production as well as opportunities ahead to ease that problem.


"We're excited at each conference to see the growing interest among participants. We have an outstanding lineup of speakers who will provide information about beef production from pasture to plate. We are particularly excited about this year's producers' panel, which will feature operations with unique approaches to production but, more importantly, marketing of beef produced at the ranch."


The programme can be attended in person or virtually this year.


"Although we have been eager to resume face-to-face programming, we realise many people may not be comfortable or able to attend in person, so we want to make it easy to participate in this year's conference," Gill said.


- Texas A&M AgriLife