June 1, 2021

134,000 birds in Western Cape, South Africa, culled following avian influenza outbreaks



134,000 birds in Western Cape, South Africa, were culled last month following four outbreaks of avian influenza at poultry farms across the province.


A statement from Provincial Minister Ivan Meyer stated that four farms, located near Worcester, Malmesbury and Hopefield, were infected with the H5 strain of the virus. He called on the public to remain vigilant and report any signs of infection or unusual mortalities in birds.


"The total number of birds that have been culled or have died from HPAI totals approximately 134,000. Western Cape Veterinary Services is in the process of investigating other suspected cases," Meyer added.


SA Poultry Association's Collin Steenhuisen said: "…we were advised of an outbreak in a broiler breeder farm in the North West over the past few days 14,000 broiler breeders have been culled and samples taken for analysis."


There have been no reports of animal-to-human transmission of the virus and there strains of avian influenza identified in South Africa pose a low risk to human health.


South Africa's neighbors, Namibia, Lesotho, Mozambique and Botswana, have suspended poultry imports to prevent the spread of the virus.


- The Poultry Site