June 1, 2020


Nor-Feed broadens range of grape extract feed additives


French feed maker Nor-Feed has reinforced its intellectual property position on grape-extract feed additives after it has purchased from one of the world leaders in veterinary pharmacy a family of patents that centers on an original combination of grape extract and Selenium.


The patents were first registered in the US and extended via a Patent Cooperation Treaty procedure to Australia, Canada, the European Union, Hong Kong, Mexico and New Zealand.


The acquisition of the patents fits perfectly with the company's strategy to consolidate its know-how around its Nor-Grape® range of products, which is now protected by five patents, Nor-Feed said.


The technical file supporting the patent includes a number of trials, some of which are already published and that show the benefits of antioxidants during poultry vaccination or during piglet weaning.


Nor-Feed's Nor-Grape® range of products was created around a standardised grape extract, Nor-Grape® 80, designed to bring the best of grape polyphenols to animals. Nor-Grape® is a mixture of grape seed extracts, rich in proanthocyanidins (also known as procyanidins), and grape skin extracts, rich in anthocyanins.


Nor-Feed (www.norfeed.net) invents, manufactures and markets natural plant extracts for animal nutrition and health, and is headquartered in Beaucouzé, France.