June 1, 2016


ADM launches PROPLEX® DY protein source



ADM Animal Nutrition, a division of Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM), has announced the launch of PROPLEX® DY, a new high-quality protein source for swine nursery diets.


PROPLEX DY was developed to meet the demand for a quality protein source with low anti-nutritional properties to help maximise nutrient absorption and optimise animal growth. Produced from the wet corn milling process, PROPLEX DY is composed of dried Saccharomyces yeast (non-active yeast), a source of highly digestible amino acids that yield economic and nutritional benefits to swine, poultry and aquaculture diets. 


A recent ADM Animal Nutrition study found nursery pigs fed PROPLEX DY in place of fish meal and other protein ingredients at an 8% inclusion rate during the first six weeks post weaning responded with 3% better feed efficiency.


"By including PROPLEX DY in a ration, nutritionists and producers can feel confident they are providing a good source of digestible amino acids that will improve returns on their feed investment," said Dr. John Less, senior director of Nutrition and Technical Service at ADM Animal Nutrition.


"PROPLEX DY reduces reliance on expensive and variable protein products which enhances feed efficiency and reduces the cost of gain without sacrificing performance."


Representatives from ADM Animal Nutrition will be exhibiting PROPLEX DY at the World Pork Expo on June 8–10 in Des Moines, Iowa, US.

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