June 1, 2011


Thailand authorises reduction of egg and pork prices



Thailand's Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has authorised the Thai commerce ministry to reduce pork and egg prices, without any impact on farmers.


Prime Minister Abhisit told the ministry that the price of eggs can be reduced by at least 20 stangs per egg, while pork prices should also be cut as this would not have any impact on farmers.


Egg and pork prices are likely to fall because of more market output.


The Thai Internal Trade Department reported that egg prices as of May 18, were THB2.9 (US$0.09) an egg and THB3.3-THB3.4 (US$0.1-US$0.2) for a size-three egg.


The ministry's price suggestions were THB2.9 (US$0.09) per egg and THB135 (US$4.5) per kg of pork.

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