June 1, 2011


China's May soy imports likely to reach 5.43 million tonnes


China's soy imports delivered in May are projected to reach 5.43 million tonnes, according to a report by the Ministry of Commerce (MOC).


The imports delivered in June are estimated to reach 4.83 million tonnes, the MOC said.


The report is based on importers' shipments from May 1 to 15. The MOC regularly releases its estimate twice a month, and its forecast is usually lower than the actual import figures as it does not include all cargoes.


Data from the General Administration of Customs show that the country imported 3.88 million tonnes of soy in April, a drop of 7.4% from the same period of last year. In the first four months, China's soy imports totalled 14.84 million tonnes, down 2.6% on-year.

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