May 31, 2023


Sri Lanka to import one million eggs from India daily to meet market demand




In response to the growing market demand for eggs, Sri Lanka has announced plans to import one million eggs per day from five chicken farms in India, according to the country's top importing agency, the Sri Lanka State Trading Corporation (STC), The Times of India reported.


STC Chairman Asiri Valisundara revealed that a total of 20 million eggs have been imported from India, with 10 million eggs already released into the market.


The eggs are sourced from two chicken farms in India, and the Animal Production Department has recently granted approval for the purchase of eggs from three additional farms.


Valisundara said that the decision to import one million eggs daily from the five Indian farms was made based on market demand.


The State Trading Corporation, along with officials from the Animal Production Department, conducted a visit to poultry farms in India and received favourable reports, leading to the approval for egg imports from three more farms.


The imported eggs will be made available to various sectors, including bakeries, biscuit manufacturers, catering services, and restaurants, at a price of SLR 35 each. This move aims to address the needs of consumers and ensure a stable supply of eggs in the market.


Sri Lanka has been facing a severe economic crisis for some time, resulting in high inflation and significant challenges for the livelihoods of its people.


The country's economy has been struggling to recover from the crisis, marked by its first-ever debt default in April last year. Efforts are underway to stabilise the situation and reverse the adverse effects that have impacted the nation's development gains.


-      The Times of India

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